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XForms select / select1 @selection attribute

Added by Michele Vivoda over 11 years ago.

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I would like the @selection='open' attribute of xforms:select and xforms:select1 to be supported by SQS.

The attribute definition says:

Optional attribute determining whether free entry is allowed in the list. Default is "closed"

I am afraid this is not a little change, there are the following issues:

- One (or more in case of xforms:select) OMR Free Text answer becomes part of the selectable items,
since OMR Free Text is not OCR-parsed, SQS cannot know its value, but we can know whether is filled
or not, this helps in determining if the semantics of select1 are honoured (only one selection),
but for having final results all the text fields must be recognized, by human or OCR software.
- In case of a xforms:select more OMR Free Text answers should be printed, the default number (and maximum number surely)
could be the maximum number of answers of the question, however should be possible to override the default.

I think one very relevant part of the issues listed is that the free text answers have no "value",
so the process of parsing and then printing reports maybe cannot be completed without
knowing the text values of the images of the written text. Alternatively the process could be completed
in a first stage just adding the file names of the written images in the results.
Then maybe could be nice to have a way in reader to enter the informations of the images
with human intervention (and hopefully one day with OCR software), but this is just an idea.

As a note, it could be interesting notice what written in XForms:

QUOTE Note that the datatype bound to this form control may include a non-enumerated value space, e.g., xsd:string, or a union of a enumeration and a non-enumerated datatype (called an open enumeration). In this case, control select1 may have attribute selection="open". The form control should then allow free data entry.

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