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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Updated Category Target version Start date % Done
125FeatureAssignedmediumSQS-Util ClassURLStreamHandlerFactory cannot be used in web app2012-05-07 10:48CommonSQS Tools 1.02012-04-26

82FeatureAssignedlowImageSplitter: split landscape images into the double number of portrait image files2012-01-05 11:54MarkReaderSQS Tools 1.02010-02-16

77FeatureAssignedlowAutomatic folder digger tool 2016-08-08 15:58ResultBrowserSQS Tools 1.02010-01-23

75FeatureAssignedmediumImage editor applet as a scanning noise modifier2015-08-03 13:51MarkReaderSQS Tools 1.02010-01-23

69FeatureAssignedlowFileName swapper tool2012-01-05 11:49MarkReaderSQS Tools 1.02010-01-17

68FeatureAssignedmediumModify Lack of one of four BlackRects on a page image2010-01-23 11:35MarkReaderSQS Tools 1.02010-01-17

67FeatureAssignedmediumPage rotation modifier2010-01-23 22:13MarkReaderSQS Tools 1.02010-01-17

61FeatureNewmediumControl Sheet to insert columns with specified values into its spreadsheet in OMR sessions2010-01-23 11:37CommonSQS Tools 1.02010-01-15

45FeatureAssignedmediumOCR of Handwritten Forms2010-01-23 11:38MarkReaderSQS Tools 1.02009-12-26

3FeatureNewmediumArchiver of result folders with configurable file filters2010-01-23 11:55MarkReaderSQS Tools 1.02009-05-02


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