• Supported:
    • Resolution: 400 dpi or higher
    • Monochrome or Color Printer(Printing drop-out color is NOT required)
    • Single-sided or Dual-sided documents(in case you have document scanners which supports dual side scanning)

Document Scanner

  • Supported:
    • Resolution: over 100dpi (150dpi is recommended)
    • Color Depth: monochrome, grayscale or color (any color depths are supported)
    • Single-sided or Doubled-sided documents
    • Image File Format: gif, png, jpeg, tiff
  • Not Supported:
    • Resolution: 72 dpi (less than 100 dpi may be troublesome)
    • Image File Format: PDF (If you want to use PDF format images, buy Adobe Acrobat and save the PDF file into multiple TIFF files par a page)


Web Browser

  • Mozilla Firefox 3.5 or higher is recommended.

Java Runtime Environment

  • Java Runtime Environment Version 6 (JRE6) or higher is required.

PDF Viewer

  • Adobe Reader 9.2 or higher is recommended.

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