Security Considerations in Insecure Networks


  • You SHOULD use SQS applications in your LAN, inside your network wirewalls.
  • You MUST NOT use SQS applications in insecure networks.

Network Services and Features

An SQS application process create several IP sockets:

  • HTTP server socket
  • RMI server socket
  • Administratively Scoped IP Multicast socket

(SQSには、LAN内で用いることを前提にしたHTTPサーバ機能, RMIサーバ機能, Administratively Scoped IP Multicastによる通信機能があります。)

SQS applications in Disconnected Environment

Once you have installed SQS applications, they do not require internet connection in runtime.


In case you consider security risk, you should launch SQS applications on hosts with private IP addresses only, inside firewall. Otherwise, you should disconnect your network cable and disable wifi interface before use.


TODO: Access Control

Network address and user/group password authentication features are partially implemented(patches and contributions are welcome).

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