Continuous Integration with Jenkins (152 comments)

Added by Hiroya Kubo over 9 years ago

SQS Project now start to use Jenkins, which is a continuous integration service. It guarantees fully-tested executable file distribution.

The work flow is like this:

  1. An SQS developer commits and pushes some change sets to a mercurial repository on
  2. service kicks to start a build process:
    1. Jenkins service executes "hg update" to refresh mercurial repository on
    2. Jenkins service executes "mvn deploy" to build an artifact and scp it to maven repository on
    3. Jenkins service stores executable jar files into some specific location.

Single Executable Jar Files of a snapshot (32 comments)

Added by Hiroya Kubo almost 10 years ago

Separate Subprojects (40 comments)

Added by Hiroya Kubo almost 10 years ago

Shared Questionnaire System Project is now separated into 4 subprojects; sqs-editor, sqs-reader, sqs-translator, sqs-util.

This change has made for ease of commitment to the subproject of someone else...


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