Hiroya Kubo


Mr. Hiroya Kubo is currently an Associate Professor in Department of Policy Informatics, Chiba University of Commerce, Japan (2009- ).
He is also a Visiting Researcher of Keio Research Institute at SFC, Keio University, Japan (2003- ).
He received a Master Degree in Media and Governance from Keio University in 1999.
He worked as a Software Engineer at P.I.M., Inc. Japan (1999-2000), a Research Associate of "Center of Excellence for the 21st Century (21st COE)" at Keio University (2003-2005), an Assistant Professor at Chiba University of Commerce (2003-2005), a lecturer at Chiba University of Commerce (2005-2009), and a Special Researcher at Keio University (2008-2009).

He was awarded "Genius-Programmer / Super-Creator" in 2007 Season 1 "Exploratory IT Human Resources Project (MITOH Program)" by Information-Technology Promoting Agency(IPA), Japan .

He is the founder, the administrator and the only developer of an open-source software development project named Shared Questionnaire System which is also known as "School Evaluation Supporting System" (2003- ).

His research interests are end-user XML handling, concurrent distributed computing, user interface design, and open-source eco-system management.

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