Optical Mark Reader System based on SVG Print -- SVG Open 2009

  • Conference:
    • The 7th international conference on Scalable Vector Graphics(SVG Open 2009) held in Mountain View, CA, USA, Oct. 2-4 2009.
  • Title:
    • Optical Mark Reader System based on SVG Print
      Using the SVG Print Document as a container of OMR form metadata
  • Abstract:

Questionnaire surveys using Optical Mark Reading (OMR) continue to be useful. They will coexist with web form questionnaires. In this paper, I propose an integrated OMR application, which is named Shared Questionnaire System (SQS), and is based on the W3C standards for printing: XSL-FO and SVG Print. SQS is a proof-of-concept application to demonstrate the separation of presentation and content, while handling form documents using OMR technology.

Through typesetting, an OMR form document is presented, and a set of OMR form metadata is produced. The presentation is produced as a ready-to-print PDF document. The OMR form metadata is produced as an SVG Print document, which describes the geometric information of the answer area, allowing the answers to be read by the OMR engine.

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