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What is SQS?

Shared Questionnaire System(SQS) is an integrated Optical Mark Recognition(OMR) form processing system with straightforward GUIs, which is aimed at developing social platforms to share knowledge about questionnaire based on XML standards.

You can use SQS easily.

SQS applications are implemented in Java, XSLT and JavaScript. They run on multi-platform environment with JRE6 VM and your web browser. You can install and launch them easily from your web browser by JavaWebStart.

A QuickTour for SQS applications !

You don't need dedicated paper nor scanners for OMR.

You can use plain paper and general purpose document scanners for OMR form processing.

Please access its Prerequisites page, and download the samples of OMR forms.

SQS is an opensource project.

SQS applications are opensource software, licensed under Apache License, Version2.0 . You can use, hack, and redistribute them freely. Your contributions, patches and donations are welcome.

You can "Download SQS applications' sourcecode at Bitbucket:

SQS Applications:

SQS SourceEditor2.1

  • An XML editor as a form designer with outline editor style GUI, which edits media type neutral abstract questionnaire sources.
  • The sources can be transformed into OMR forms by using DOM, SAX, XSLT and XSL-FO.
  • The OMR forms can be published as PDF files through embedded FO processor with pre-configured TrueType fonts.
  • Internationalized: English and Japanese localized resources are available.

SQS MarkReader2.1 (Latest Development Snapshot Version)

  • An OMR processor, which processes images of scanned forms, extracts answers from them, calculates statistical results(ex. Excel and CSV spreadsheet files, pie and bar charts).
  • The OMR runs in distributed parallel processes based on loosely coupled cluster computing subsystem, with zero configuration. The distributed parallel processes recognize each other through IP multicast.
  • The OMR results can be browsed and edited through iTunes like AJAX user interfaces.
  • The operators can enter questionnaire item texts of free answer areas manually.
  • Internationalized: English and Japanese localized resources are available.
SQS Mark Reader2.1 Download:

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